EQ and Communication have become the top skill set sought by recruiters and hiring managers. Your ability to communicate and get along with others, work as a Team, and practice inclusion are required to be successful in the job market today. Your ability to be compassionate, sympathetic, and accommodating are critical to your success.


DISC (The Universal Language) is a proven assessment to calculate and demonstrate WHY You Do What You Do. We are all different and when you learn to adapt to your Team members' methods of communicating, you will understand their way of thinking and their motivations, as well as your own. This learned skill is the first step in becoming a great Leader.


DISC Talent Assessment and 30+ page report


Certified Career Coaching to review and explain your DISC report with you.

A DISC Assessment is a tool used to help you determine your strengths, weaknesses, and more importantly, "Why" you do what you do. Once you know the Why, you can think about how you can connect with others using this information. 


As a Certified DISC Coach, I use this comprehensive report to guide you in perfecting your interviewing and communication skills. You will be able to use this valuable tool to improve both work and personal relationships. You'll have a better understanding of Why you do what you do, and insight into Why others do what they do; increasing your ability to relate to them comfortably.




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