The most versatile plan is our Career Coaching offering. You'll learn how your personality and preferences can lead you to your dream job.


We provide Certified DISC Career Coaching using the comprehensive DISC report. DISC is a tool to learn about yourself and how your personality and preferences play a decisive role in your success on the job. 


You will be able to use this valuable tool to improve both work and personal relationships. You'll have a better understanding of Why you do what you do, and insight into Why others do what they do; increasing your ability to relate to them easily.


You can also purchase time by the hour with the career coach when you are ready to work on updates to your previously finalized documents, need application assistance, and/or job description research services or advice.


You will make your purchase by the hour or increase the quantity in your cart for multiple hour purchases. Please reach out to My Career Master if you have any questions prior to making your secure online purchase.




  • Please download the Welcome handout to learn about the basic process of the program. If you have not already done so, please forward your most recent resume to Lora at

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