Philosophy of Resumes 201

Resume Makeover! Last time, we talked about getting your resume in front of the hiring manager by capturing keywords. But it takes more than that to end up on the top of the pile. You have to set yourself above the rest of the crowd. There could be 2 to 1,000 other applicants vying for your job!

Achievements! Show them what you've got! Lose that old-timey Executive Summary and tell them about your career highlights in a few sentences at the top. Also, research your industry keywords and keep them in mind and be sure to work them in to your story.

Not the time to be humble! Be sure you are specific when explaining your achievements. If you managed 12 people, tell them! If you saved the company $1,000,000, shout it out in your achievements! Include awards and promotions that you have gained by your excellent job performance. Remember, the ATS system passed your resume to the hiring manager so they know you have the skilled needed to get the work done. Now is the time to Shine!

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