Philosophy of Resumes 101

The Old Ways If you’re like me, you remember the days when a beautiful, creative resume won the job. Colorful parchment paper, decorative fonts, and even pictures here and there. However, a new day for resumes has dawned with the use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and we have to eliminate our creativity and replace it with facts, data, and KEYWORDS!

The New Ways It’s time to think about your resume as a tool to pair your experience with job description keywords. In order to get on the desk of the hiring manager, your resume has to pass muster with the ATS. So, once your resume lands on the desk of a recruiter or hiring manager, they already know that you have passed the skills and experience prerequisites of the position by your matching keywords. Now they're already deciding who they will interview, and this is where the best resume in the stack wins.

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