Are You "A Natural?"

Astronaut? Fireman? Secret Agent? Mad Scientist?

We all dreamed of being something exciting and spectacular when we were children. I wanted to be an Astronaut more than anything in the world and as a backup, I considered maybe, just maybe, I could settle on being a jet fighter or secret agent.

None of my dreams included Banker, Medical Assistant, or Social Worker; but that's exactly where my career journey led me. You see, I was not a "Natural;" not that person who can do back flips on a balance beam or push ups standing on my head. Face it, these would have been great talents for an Astronaut!

Don't be discouraged when it takes hard work and a lot of time and effort to decide what you want to be when you grow up. Fun Fact: "Naturals" spend more than 10,000 hours to master their craft!

If you don't know where to start, try out this Quick Decision-Making Method:

- Write down your favorite parts of the job you do now. Is is people, autonomy, flexibility, etc?

- Write down what you would change. Maybe it includes less people interaction, better lighting, have a private office.

- What does your ideal environment look like? Home office, business office, business dress or business casual?

Now you have a starting point to begin the process of changing your career. Focus on jobs that use the aspects you love about your current job and allows for your ideal environment. If you can't find something with your wants and needs, keep looking! Don't Settle!

It's never too late to find a career that makes you happy!

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